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Advanced Lab Testing

At Panther Functional Medicine and Chiropractic we recognize the importance of getting to the root of our patients problems. It's not enough to just treat symptoms. We treat the root of the issue.

It's incredibly important for us to use advanced lab testing to help uncover the root of your issue. Whether it be a digestive issue, or a chronic pain, our advanced lab testing helps us identify what's going on and guides our treatment. 

Dr. Danielle Mara also goes through the results of these tests with each of our patients.

Here are the tests we conduct on a regular basis:

  • Heavy Metals Toxicity

  • Serum IgG Food Allergy Panel

  • Organic Acids Urine Test

  • Saliva Hormone Panel

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology

  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel